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Rare Sovereigns

William IV Gold Sovereigns

K ing William IV reigned for seven years. He assumed the throne in 1830 with the first William VI Gold Sovereign issued on his coronation year, 1831. The value of a 1831 Gold Sovereign is well in excess of its own weight in Gold. Auronum offers live prices below that change with the Gold spot price and show what a 1831 Gold Sovereign is worth

King William IV was the only British monarch to use the crowned shield of the Royal Arms on all his Sovereign coins, none featured the famous George and Dragon which is one reason why William IV sovereigns are highly desired and trade at a large premium

A total of 9,171,000 full sovereigns and 1,079,500 half sovereigns were struck featuring William IV. A double sovereign proof was also produced in 1831. The exact mintage is disputed but believed to be 225, these double Sovereign proof coins are extremely valuable with only very wealthy collectors able to obtain one for their collection

William IV was a popular King with reports suggesting it was his custom to mingle with normal people in public places. Even his coronation was a low-key event compared to other British Monarchs. William IV is also known as being the monarch that oversaw the abolition of slavery


Investors may wonder why all William IV Gold Sovereigns feature the crowned shield instead of the iconic George and dragon design. The truth is that William IV was merely continuing changes made by George IV who commissioned a redesign of coin designs in 1823 which was first seen on the 1825 Sovereign

It is possible that the Royal Arms Shield design was extremely popular at the time which is why early Queen Victoria Gold Sovereigns also feature a Royal Arms shield which had been used on both George IV and William IV's Gold Sovereigns

Although it is noteworthy that the first Victorian Gold Sovereigns were struck in 1838 and featured a mix of shieldback and George and the dragon designs in the same year


William IV's portrait also featured on the very rare Indian Gold Mohur coins and Gold German 10 Thaler


William IV half Sovereigns are relatively rare and difficult to source. They command a premium when sellers are active in the market which is why Auronum offers a generous rate for investors looking to sell a William IV half Sovereign

Rarer still is the proof finish Gold Sovereigns which never seem to be freely available for collectors. These rare pieces typically exchange hands for five figures and are in high demand the world over

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