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1879 Half Sovereign Value

G old Sovereign coins are recognised throughout the world and are collected by investors everywhere. The Half Sovereign is the most popular British coin as they can be acquired with a smaller budget and are easy to resell

Any1879 Sovereign coin in good condition has a higher than average value owing to its beautiful design and scarcity

The value of an 1879 Half Sovereign is higher than its own weight in Gold. Auronum pays a high premium when buying any Sovereign featuring the 'Young Head' Queen Victoria design


The 'Young Head' Queen Victoria portrait is the most valuable of the three Queen Victorian Sovereign coins and commands the highest premium

Queen Victoria's 'Young Head featured on Sovereign coins between 1871 and 1887 with the reverse being the Royal Arms shields rather than the George and Dragon. A Half Sovereign contains 3.6575 grams of pure Gold which is why the valuation for this coin change with the spot Gold price movements

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What is an 1879 Half Sovereign Coin Worth?