T he 1889 Half Sovereign was a circulating coin which has a value of 10 Shillings at the time, whereas an 1889 Full Sovereign's value was 20 Shillings. The 1889 Gold Sovereign has retained its value due to its Gold content. Both Half and Full Sovereigns are 22 carat, meaning 91.67% of the coin is pure Gold

Sovereigns minted between 1887 and 1893 featured the second of three effigies of Queen Victoria with the 1889 design being coined as the 'Jubilee Head'. Whilst the coin is valuable and popular, the earlier 'Young Head' design of Queen Victoria commands a higher premium per coin


1889 Full Sovereign Value

Full Sovereign coins contain exactly 7.322g of Gold but given the finite supply of historic coins and collectability of the designs, the 1889 Full Sovereign commands a premium over its intrinsic pure Gold content

The price seen on screen is a live value for a Full Sovereign minted between 1887 and 1893. The price is accurate as it reflects a fair premium for this specific design of Sovereign and will change as the price of Gold moves higher or lower

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Our Live Offer:


1889 Half Sovereign Value

There is 3.6575g of pure Gold in a Half Sovereign coin but the demand for these coins mean that they change hands at a higher premium per gram than the Full Sovereign coin. The 1888 and 1889 Sovereigns are as popular as any other of the Jubilee Head designs during Queen Victoria's era which makes these Half Sovereigns easy to sell.

The price on screen shows what a 1889 Half Sovereign coin is worth today and will change with movements in the Gold spot price. Sellers of both Full and Half Sovereign coins can sell at the prices seen on screen by contacting our Trade Desk on 0800 975 1012. Auronum will buy an Gold Sovereign coin in good condition and will even offer year specific premiums

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