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  • Gold £1,903.00 oz 1.61%
  • Silver £24.75 oz 5.52%
  • Platinum £871.15 oz 2.23%
Gold 1.61%
£1,903.00 oz
Silver 5.52%
£24.75 oz
Platinum 2.23%
£871.15 oz
Gold 1.61%
£1,903.00 oz
Silver 5.52%
£24.75 oz
Platinum 2.23%
£24.75 oz
Sovereign Values

1924 Gold Sovereign Value

G old Sovereign coins are the choice Gold investment for many astute investors and are an excellent asset to pass wealth from one generation to the next because Sovereigns are 91.67% pure Gold. Gold is a safe haven asset and effective inflation hedge

Some Sovereigns, such as the 1924 Sovereign, is worth more than its own weight in Gold given the historic and collectable nature of British Gold Sovereign coins

The 1924 Gold Sovereign's value has increased over time as currencies continue to be debased by central banks. Holding historic Sovereigns can insulate your wealth from the effects of inflation over time

Live Values

What is a 1924 Gold Sovereign Worth?


Auronum buys Full and Half Gold Sovereign coins and pays year specific premiums. The 1924 falls in the George IV reign in which our Trade Desk will pay a price higher than the intrinsic Gold content value

The prices on screen are live offers for a 1924 Full or Half Gold Sovereign and show what the coin is worth today. Our offer will go up as well as down in accordance with movements in the Gold spot price

1924 Gold Sovereign Coin

1924 Full Sovereign Value

Our Live Offer:
1924 Gold Full Sovereign Coin

1924 Half Sovereign Value

Our Live Offer:

To sell a 1924 Gold Sovereign coin, contact our Trade Desk on 0800 975 1012 to lock a price to sell. Your price will be guaranteed even if the price of Gold falls whilst your Sovereign(s) are in transit to our secure storage depot

Auronum offers a wide range of Sovereigns and often has 1924 Full and Half Sovereigns available as well as some much older and rarer pieces on offer that will make an excellent addition to an investment portfolio or coin collection

The 1924 Gold Sovereign is an excellent starter coin because its age ensures that its premium is higher than modern day Sovereigns, yet the coins are frequently offered for sale from private collectors and bullion companies which ensures their premiums are much lower than other coins such as the 1831 Gold Sovereign or the 1827 Gold Sovereign

Half Sovereign coins are as popular as Full Sovereigns given that investors on lower budgets can own more pieces but also that one coin from each Sovereign's era can be collected with less capital outlay than a Full Sovereign. The Half Sovereign is easier to sell too, but comes with the drawback of having a higher premium per gram of Gold than a Full Sovereign

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