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The Double Sovereign


T he double Sovereign is exactly twice the weight of the standard full sovereign at just under half an ounce. Double sovereign rarity is very underappreciated by investors. Early double Sovereigns were one-year types. Queen Victoria, for example, only saw two years of double Sovereigns being produced which coincided with her jubilee year and again in 1983

The most famous rare double Sovereign is the 1937 proof featuring George VI, however, a much rarer and more valuable double Sovereign exists with the monarch featured on only 225 double sovereigns. This issue being in 1831 featuring William IV which was struck to a proof finish

King George and Edward effigies are common on full sovereigns but double sovereigns were both only struck once, this being in 1911 and 1902 respectively. Each issued to coincide with the monarch’s Coronations, never was their portraits to feature on a double sovereign again after these years. 1980 saw a change for double sovereigns as the Royal Mint started to produce them regularly

This year is widely acknowledged as the first of the Queen Elizabeth II’s double Sovereign era, however a little known small 1953 issue was produced but resides in a museum and has not been known to sell into private hands. Recent years have seen regular issues by the Royal Mint

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