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Rare Sovereigns

George IV Sovereigns

The George IV Gold Sovereigns are held in high regard and trade at a high premium. George IV had two different portraits on his Gold Sovereigns, one known as the ‘Laureate Head’ and the other coined the ‘Bare Head’ design. George IV sovereigns are one of the more difficult to source Gold Sovereigns and command a premium to reflect this fact. George IV had two different effigies with 1825 being a significant year where both effigies were released during the same year

The age of the coins means that even when a George IV Sovereign is offered for sale, it can be quite difficult finding one that was not mounted in jewellery or polished. There was a time when it was popular to parade these beautiful Sovereigns in necklaces, which has since devalued the coins as collectors demand coins as close to their original state and not altered by jeweller’s polishing wheels

1825 to 1830 Sovereigns

Bear Head Sovereigns

The George IV bare head and laureate head Gold Sovereigns are important pieces of British Gold history and feature a popular monarch

Obtaining these coins in a good to excellent condition can be challenging due to past trends of mounting them in jewellery

King George IV, the son of George III, first featured on the Gold Sovereign in 1821 which was the year that Great Britain went onto a Gold standard. 1821 was also the coronation year of George 4th which makes the 1821 sovereign a significant coin in Great British history

The same design was to be struck on George IV’s Sovereigns for another four years. The design was then changed at the King’s request as he favoured himself being portrayed as a youthful and slim figure rather than the overweight individual that he was reported to be at the time

1821 gold sovereign coin

1821 to 1825 Sovereigns

Laureate Head Sovereigns

Designed by Benedetto Pistrucci and struck by the Royal Mint between 1821 to 1825. Records show the rarest Laurete Head year is 1823 with only 617,000 coins struck that year whilst 9.4 million coins were released in 1821

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