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Gold 1.61%
£1,903.00 oz
Silver 5.52%
£24.75 oz
Platinum 2.23%
£871.15 oz
Gold 1.61%
£1,903.00 oz
Silver 5.52%
£24.75 oz
Platinum 2.23%
£24.75 oz

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Graded Sovereigns

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1999 proof sovereign coin

Full - MS70

Impaired gold sovereign coin

Full - MS69

2007 five proof sovereign

Half - MS70

1983 full proof sovereign

Half - MS69

impaired proof sovereign

Double - MS70

1985 proof gold sovereign

Double - MS69

1983 proof sovereign

Quintuple - MS70

gold 2023 proof sovereign

Quintuple - MS69


Gold Sovereigns are the most popular bullion Gold coin in the UK but there are a large group of investors who strive for quality as well as rarity for their collection. These investors will naturally gravitate towards the graded sovereigns which are considered the best of the best

Some investors might frown upon others who collect Gold sovereign coins just for their bullion properties and Gold content. These investors are looking for rare versions of sovereigns and sovereigns in very good condition. There has been more of these investors coming into the market over the last 5-6 years which has seen graded sovereigns increase in popularity

Some collectors are only interested in collecting sovereigns that are as close to their original mint state as possible and are prepared to pay a higher premium to secure an example in a mint state which is captured by the ‘MS’ abbreviation

MS70 graded coins are the highest grade that a coin can receive and confirms that it is perfect under magnification. Elite coin collectors will naturally be attracted to these finest coins but the premiums are only elevated for historic coins rather than modern Sovereigns

Sovereigns graded as ‘AU’ (almost uncirculated) are a good means to collect a high-quality coin without attracting the premium that a Mint State piece commands in the market. The main distinguishing factor between a MS and AU coin is that coins that have wear on the high points cannot be awarded mint state and so will likely receive an AU grade

MS70 – Only sovereigns that have no post-production imperfections at five times magnification are awarded the highest mint state 70 grade

MS69 – Sovereigns can often be difficult to differentiate with MS70 grades with the naked eye. The grade MS69 indicates nearly imperceptible imperfections

MS68 – A sovereign that has been graded as MS68 is still a very high standard and well-struck example with only minor post-production imperfections

MS67 – MS67 graded sovereigns are sharply struck but contain several visible imperfections. These examples are still high calibre pieces that are highly collectable

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Auronum is an authorised Sovereign distributor

Auronum received sovereigns each day and updates the stock availability daily. Our rates are checked with other top-tier bullion companies weekly to ensure that our prices are as competitive as possible

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