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Double Thickness Sovereigns

Piedfort Gold Sovereigns


W hilst modern day sovereigns have been minted since 1817, the Gold Piedfort Sovereign is a relatively new innovation. It is just like a standard full Gold Sovereign but is double the thickness, making the Piedfort Sovereign weigh 15.98g, the exact same as a double Sovereign coin. Gold Piedfort Sovereigns are typically seen in proof finishes and are very popular with collectors who are willing to pay a higher premium to secure a beautiful coin

Despite their higher premiums, Piedfort Sovereigns are good investments because they have a relatively low mintage compared to the mass produced full Sovereigns, this allows them to hold their premium over time. There are many Gold investors who will only collect Sovereigns. These buyers will be tempted by the Piedfort Sovereign as it is a coin that can add variety to a collection as well as a beautifully struck coin


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The first Piedfort Sovereign was issued in 2017 by the Royal Mint, this was a special coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the modern Sovereign. Piedfort Sovereigns are a collectors coin and have been minted regularly since 2017 by the Royal Mint as well as Perth Mint

Piedfort Gold Sovereigns are popular coins that are finished to proof standard. Given that the Piedfort contains the same mass of Gold to a Double Sovereign, the Piedfort is considered as a novelty coin that offers diversification to a collector looking for something attractive and different for their collection. As the Piedfort is usually sold in a purpose built display case, this is often why many buyers will pay a higher premium to secure these lower mintage collector coins

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