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British Gold

The 2022 Gold Sovereign


T he 2022 Gold Sovereign is regarded as a special entry in the British Sovereign range as it is the first to ever feature the design with the lion and unicorn as a coat of arms

The revised design is to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, marking seventy years since her majesty assumed the throne from her father George VI in 1952. If Sovereign's revert back to their traditional design it will make the 2022 coin a special year

10,500 Gold 2022 Proof Full Sovereigns were issued as well as 2,000 Half Sovereign Proofs by the Royal Mint. A bullion version of each was also released which is popular with investors

The 2022 Gold Sovereign is 22 carat with 91.67% gold alloyed with 8.33% copper. This is officially known as Crown Gold. When freshly minted, sovereigns have a rose gold appearance. However, over time Crown Gold alloy will tone to a deeper golden colour

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What is a 2022 Gold Sovereign Worth?

The 2022 is a beautifully designed one-off Gold Sovereign which makes it worth not only more than its own weight in Gold, but also more than some of the older Gold Sovereign coins. The price on screen is Auronum's live offer to buy a 2022 from members of the public

Sellers of the 2022 Gold Sovereign can sell at the price on screen by calling our Trade Desk to lock a price on 0800 975 1012. Our values for the 2022 Half Gold Sovereign coins are worth more per gram than the Full Sovereign, this is fully reflected in our offers for the 2022 Half Sovereign

The 2022 Gold Sovereign is made of 'Crown Gold' which is 22 carat and is the same alloy type used to make Krugerrand Gold Coins. The copper used in the alloy gives a beautiful tint as well as making the coin more durable, making them harder to damage

The 2022 is the final sovereign to feature the late Queen Elizabeth II and will therefore forever be in demand for sovereign collectors who will look to hold this beautiful coin in their collections. The live prices onscreen show a market reflective valuation for the 200 half, full, double and five sovereign

Five Sovereign 2022 Royal Arms

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Double 2022 Royal Arms

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Full Sovereign 2022 Royal Arms

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Half Sovereign 2022 Royal Arms

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