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Gold American Buffalo

US Gold Buffalo Coin


T he US Gold Buffalo coin is America's answer to other .9999 fine Gold coins such as the Canadian Maple and the British Britannia, allowing the US to cater for investors who only invest in 24 carat Gold coins. 2006 was the first year that the US issued the Gold Buffalo coin with annual mintages limited to six figures with the exception of 2019 which saw a lower mintage of just 61,500 coins

US Gold Buffalo coins typically trade for a higher premium than other popular Gold bullion coins. This is likely due to lower mintages and the cast finish which means that the coin can be handled without leaving any marks on the coin, contact marks are also not so much of an issue either

The native Indian displayed on the coin is the same design that featured on the copper Buffalo nickel. The coin design received heavy criticism with some national newspapers stating the coin design looked poor when new and will look an abomination when worn from circulation

Other criticism suggested that the Indian head should be reduced in size and the bison be removed from the obverse. Despite this, the Gold bullion US Buffalo coins remain a favourite for Gold bullion investors. Auronum pays above the Gold spot price to investors willing to sell Gold Buffalo coins

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