1663 – 1684 Guineas

Charles II Guinea

Following the beheading of Charles I, Charles II became King of England, Scotland and Ireland. He became the first monarch to appear on the British Gold Guinea. Charles II featured on the Gold Guinea for 21 years which saw 4 different busts during his reign

Charles II oversaw a volatile period in British history. After his father was beheaded in 1649, Charles II became King of Scotland but now England, as the famous politician Oliver Cromwell seized power by defeating Charles II at the battle of Worcester in 1651. Cromwell featured on British Gold coins during this period. Charles II was invited to return to Britain following Cromwell's death in 1658. Charles II features on the Gold unite coins until they were replaced by the first ever Gold Guinea in 1663

1663 Guinea

The First Gold Guinea

Gold Charles II Guinea 1st bust

1st Bust

The first Gold Guinea was struck in February 1663 and was equal to one pound sterling, much like the first modern day sovereign when it was first introduced in 1817. The 1663 Guinea was to be the first of Guinea coins that circulated Great Britain for 150 years. Charles II was the first monarch on Guinea coins and remained on them until his death in 1685 where his younger brother James II. Charles II's reign was long enough to justify the release of several busts, all feature the King bearing a laureate on his head

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