1727-1760 Guineas

George II Guinea Coins

George II Guinea coins are infrequently seen and when available are seen in heavily circulated condition. George II's portrait is typically very shallow and as such even light contact rubbing can appear as heavier circulation wear. The reverse of the Guinea features a shield on both George II's portraits on the coin


George II featured on the Gold Guinea coins between 1727-1760 in which features two separate effigies of George II. The differences are relatively subtle, with the older bust showing the King with slightly longer hair and a fuller-faced figure. George II's son, Frederick, passed away nine-years before George II which led to the next monarch to be seen on a Guinea to be George II's grandson George III which is the most common Guinea seen in the market

George II passed away at the age of 76 making him the eldest British monarch at the time. George II's Guineas are highly desired and command huge premiums if almost uncirculated or in mint state. As with other Guineas, this type has many surviving coins that were once mounted. Interestingly, 6-10 proof pattern Guineas were struck. It is often the case that rare pattern coins were produced so that the King could award these as gifts


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George II also featured on the 5 Guineas coin. Given their larger size and higher value, the 5 Guineas acted extremely well as a store of value for accounting purposes and as a unit for larger international transactions rather than day-today transactions. This has led to the George II 5 Guineas coins being found in marginally better condition that the smaller George II Guineas which were subject to heavier wear through circulation at the time


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