George III Gold Guineas

George III Guinea Coins

G eorge III Guinea coins are the most common in the market but are still a rare find. There are two designs that were produced, this being a shield (1774-1786) and the spade (1787-1799). As the George III spade Guinea is a younger coin, it typically commands a lower premium than the shield Guinea. The George III Guinea's worth can vary significantly according to its condition, scratches and heavily circulated pieces are less desirable whereas mint state examples are worth multiples of their bullion value

George III assumed the throne following the death of his grandfather George II after outliving his father. George III had 15 children with his wife. It is believed that George III may of suffered with bipolar, he eventually passed in 1820. George III featured on Gold Guineas between 1761–1813 and also featured on the third Guinea and the military Guinea. He is famous for featuring on the first modern-day Sovereign which was struck between 1817 through to 1820. George III guineas are often seen in a circulated condition in the market at modest premiums


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