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1685 -1688 Guineas

James II Guinea

James II Guinea coins are rare and were only in production for four-years. James II inherited the throne from his older brother Charles II. His reign came to a conclusion in 1688 not from death, but by deposition during the 'Glorious Revolution' in which James II was allowed to flee to France and was replaced by William III

James II passed from a brain haemorrhage aged 67 in 1701. Louis XIV of France offered to elect James II as King of Poland but this proposal was rejected by James II on the grounds that he would ruin any future opportunity to be King of England. Interestingly, after death James II's heart was put into a silver-gilt locket and gifted to the Chaillot convent. His brain was preserved in a lead casket and sent to the Scots College in Paris

As with other Gold Guinea coins, James II Guineas were struck in the usual denominations of 1/2, full, 2 Guineas and 5 Guineas. The James II 2 Guinea is a two-year type and was minted in 1687 and 1688 only. Mint state examples are known but command a very high premium, the 1687, for example, has only one coin that has been certificated as Mint State, achieving a MS64 grade and will be out of reach of all but the elite of Guinea collectors


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Guinea coins are often reserved for specialist collectors which can make them a little tricky to source buyers. Auronum offers live and transparent prices for investors selling James II Guinea coins and all Guineas sold by Auronum are covered by our buyback guarantee

All Guineas will be accepted that have no rim damage or repairs. Many coins were drilled to accompany a mount and have later been repaired by solder, this severely devalues the coins and reduces their Gold content

James II 5 Guineas


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James II 2 Guineas


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James II Guinea


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James II 1/2 Guineas


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