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1695-1701 Guineas

William III Guinea

Following the death of his wife Queen Mary, William III appeared on the British Guinea for six-years. William III Guineas are a rare find. The mintages are lower than other Guineas due to the Great Recoinage of 1696 as this emphasized production of silver coinage featuring William III rather than Gold Guinea coins


William III previously featured on the Gold Guinea with his wife but following her death, a new design which reverted to the cruciform design seen on the gold of Charles II was used. The king's effigy on the Guinea was shallowly engraved much like other Guineas of the time

This meant that many intricate details were lost following light circulation. Mint State examples are known, but command high premiums due to their rarity and desirability amongst elite collectors. As with many other Gold guineas, the larger denominations are often seen in better condition than smaller coins that were used more frequently for commerce

William III reigned for thirteen years after taking the throne from James II. William III was subject to a failed assassination attempt by a Scottish army officer. The plan was to ambush the King in London after he returned from a hunting trip. The plot was foiled after informers alerted the authorities

Historians will note that in the 1690s there were rumours that William III was secretly homosexual due to his lack of mistresses but this claim remains in dispute to this day. The King eventually passed in 1702 from pneumonia, a complication that he suffered from fracturing his collarbone after falling from a horse


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