A part of staying ahead of the market is great analysis and this is best achieved by downloading our historic Gold and Silver price data in Excel. The data is updated by our pricing system each week and published to our website each week end for investors to download

To complement your analysis further, Auronum publishes a comprehensive Gold Price News Report each week which is free to download and provides analysis from our analysts at the Trading Desk. Or perform your own Gold and Silver analysis from our price data download below

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Bearish Gold?

Whether you need to free some funds or you think Gold prices are set to fall, there comes a time when investors need to sell. Auronum offers leading rates for bullion bars and coins using live Gold, Silver and Platinum market prices

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Bullish Gold?

Auronum is a leading bullion company based in London, UK. We offer a selection of precious metal Bullion and coins for investors looking to diversify their portfolio, build a collection of coins or to hedge against price inflation

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