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Myths and Legends

King Arthur Coins

King Arthur coins are a one-year type and were struck in Gold and Silver. Both bullion and proof versions have been released. The bullion versions were minted to meet demand whilst the proof versions were of small mintages

The main character of this set of Myths and Legends coins, King Arthur coins are another popular type to match the popular Merlin coin design. Arthur is known as a past British king. There has been a longstanding debate among scholars as to if King Arthur actually existed. There has been numerous claims that he King Arthur led the resistance against Britain's Anglo-Saxon invaders, however it seems that the balance of opinions settles on the theory that King Arthur was a mythological figure of folklore

Stories of King Arthur and the knights of the round table have descended through the ages, making the king a great candidate to feature in the Royal Mint's Myths and Legends series. The King Arthur coin range features King Arthur, Merlin and Morgan Le Fay which are all important figures of British Folklore. The Gold and Silver King Arthur coins show a King with weapon drawn and ready to engage in combat. Over his shoulder is a fantastic view of the Camelot castle which is known as the base for the knights of the round table

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