Myths and Legends Series

Little John Coins

The Little John bullion coins are part of the Robin Hood themed coins that belong to the Myths and Legends series. Little John coins were struck in Silver and Gold. It is currently unknown if the Royal Mint will strike a Platinum version as they did with the Robin Hood coins

Investors familiar with the legend of Robin Hood will know that 'little' John was actually a near 7 foot giant of a man. He first appears in the story by engaging Robin Hood in a duel after Robin attempts to cross a narrow bridge. He then pledges allegiance to the merry men. Although there is uncertainty on whether the characters from the Robin Hood legend actually existed, Little John is reported to be buried in a courtyard in Derbyshire, in the English midlands

The character depicted on the Little John coins is a mighty warrior-like figure that is emerging from the forest whilst bearing a large staff. This honourable design marks the third and final instalment of the Robin Hood coin set. The myths and legends series is a popular series struck by the Royal Mint and is available for a lower premium than other bullion series such as the very popular Queen's Beasts bullion coins which was first released in 2016