Myths and Legends Series

Morgan le Fay Coins

The Morgan le Fay coins are the final instalment to the King Arthur set of Myths and Legends coins. The Morgan le Fay character is an important part of the legendary King Arthur story and proves to be a popular collector's coin

The name of this mystical creature translates to 'Morgan the Fairy' which is appropriate given how Morgan le Fay has been used throughout the years as a goddess, witch and fairy with magical powers. Whilst her part in some of the legends has fluctuated over time, one of the common themes in the King Arthur folklore tales is that he and Morgan le Fay are siblings which places her in the centre of this important British legend

Morgan le Fay coins were struck in Silver and Gold, all coins are dated 2023. No Platinum coin has been released by the Royal Mint yet. Two different sized Gold coins were struck in a proof finish, these being 1/4oz and 1oz. A bullion finish Gold coin was only produced as a 1oz coin. Silver saw both proof and bullion strikes but only as a 1oz coin. All proof coins were limited in mintage whereas the bullion alternatives were struck to meet demand at the time