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Platinum 1 ounce Bars

Platinum 1oz Bullion Bars


Platinum 1oz bullion bars are popular bullion bars that allow investors exposure to the Platinum price. Platinum 1oz bars also allow bullion investors diversification from traditional Gold and Silver investments

T he 1oz bars that are offered by Auronum are .9995 fine, making them 99.95% pure Platinum. The 1oz bars provide investors with a troy ounce of Platinum, a precious metal that is estimated to be thirty-times rarer than Gold. Whilst Platinum can be considered an excellent store of value, it does not always fare well during economic crisis

This is largely due to its industrial links on the demand side. Platinum is an important component of many essential industries ranging from fertilisers to medical equipment such as surgical tools

Platinum 1oz bullion bars are considered as an excellent investment for a bullion portfolio as Platinum allows investors to profit from gains in the Platinum price when Gold is out of favour. When markets are more optimistic on the prospects of the global economy they may choose Platinum over Gold due to stronger demand expectations

The 1oz bar offers a small Platinum price exposure to investors whilst also being small enough to easily sell. All bars are from a London Bullion Market Association approved refinery and is guaranteed by Auronum to be genuine .9995 Platinum

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