Platinum 1oz

Platinum Completer Coin


T he Platinum completer Queen's Beast coin is a one-year type which was issued to complete the Queen's Beast series in 2021 and is the only design to feature all ten of the beasts. A Royal Mint spokesperson confirmed to Auronum that there was no mintage restriction on the Platinum Completer coins as the coins were made to meet demand at the time of production, this means the mintage of the Platinum Completer coins is unknown

The Platinum Completer is struck using 999.5 fine Platinum, making these coins 99.95% fine Platinum. The coins have a face value of 100 pounds, but this is not a reflection of the coin's intrinsic value. Mints intentionally set the coin's face value below the coin's actual worth to avoid the coin going into circulation

Each Platinum Completer coin, as with the other entire Queen's Beast coin series, is exempt from capital gains tax. Meaning that no tax will need to be paid on profit made from investing in the coin. Investors that are looking to sell Platinum Completer Queen's Beast coins have access to live offers seen on screen. Auronum buys bullion in unlimited quantities and guarantees same day payment as standard

The Platinum Queen's Beast range remains the most successful that the Royal Mint has offered to market. The range also marked the first bullion coin struck in Platinum by the mint. The Completer coin is arguably the most popular of the series and is expected to be in high demand on the secondary market for some years to come

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