2017 Platinum Krugerrand

Platinum Krugerrand Coins

T he Krugerrand is a popular bullion coin but has only ever been minted in Gold. 2017 saw the first Silver and Platinum Krugerrand which was struck to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular Krugerrand coin. The Rand mint continued production of the Silver versions but to date the Platinum version has never been repeated

Due to this, only 2017 Platinum Krugerrand coins are known. Making the Platinum Krugerrand a very rare find. The scarcity adds to the appeal that already exists for this coin given that it is struck to a proof finish and displays a '50' privy mark which is beautifully placed above the springbok antelope

It is not known why the Rand Mint did not continue the Platinum Kruggerand after 2017, especially given that South Africa is the largest Platinum producer in the world. The purity of these coins are .9995 with a total of 1oz of fine Platinum in each piece. Platinum Krugerrands available on the secondary market are often seen graded or in their original box, making them more appealing to specialist collectors rather than the typical Platinum bullion investor

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