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Canadian Platinum Bullion

Platinum Maple Leaf Coins


T he Canadian Maple coin was once regarded as the most successful Gold bullion coin according to sales figures at the time. This encouraged the Canadian Mint to expand their range and with Canada being the third highest Platinum producer in the world at the time, production of a Platinum Maple Leaf coin was an easy and obvious decision to make

The Platinum Maple Leaf coin is composed of 999.5 fine Platinum, making the coin 99.95% Platinum. These coins are excellent diversifiers to any investor's portfolio and will allow the investor to profit from rises in the Platinum price which may occur when the Gold price is not performing well. The Platinum Maple Leaf coin has been in production since 1988 with this year producing coins from 1oz through to 1/10oz

1993 was a significant year for Platinum investors as a 1/20oz Platinum Maple Leaf coin was minted in a bid to appeal to the jewellery sector as well as smaller capitalised investors. Platinum prices rose significantly in the early 2000s, causing the demand for Platinum to collapse. This led to the Royal Canadian Mint to stop its Platinum Maple Leaf production in 2002. The coins were struck again from 2009 after the great financial crisis caused Platinum prices to crash. In 2012 the Platinum Maple Leaf coin beat the Platinum Britannia to become the world's best selling Platinum coin

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