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I nvestors may be forgiven for not realising that this coin is available to purchase as the Platinum Royal Arms coin was only introduced in 2020, making this a very recent addition to the Royal Mint's coin portfolio. The Platinum Queen's Beast coins were the first Platinum bullion coins offered by the Royal Mint and their popularity helped to inspire more Platinum coin designs for British investors to buy

The Platinum Royal Arms coin was a one-year type and was only produced in 2020. There was no official limit to the mintage of these coins, they were produced to satisfy demand during the year of 2020 and has been discontinued since. This makes this coin allusive for investors, especially given that some coins would have been purchased by overseas buyers

It is possible that the Royal Mint will again produce the Platinum Royal Arms coin, otherwise the secondary market is the only opportunity for investors who missed the original release in 2020. As with all other Royal Mint Platinum bullion coins, the Royal Arms is .9995 Platinum which gives it a purity of 99.95%. The face value of these coins is £100 which is the same denomination as the popular Gold Royal Arms coins

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