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Platinum Eagles

Platinum US Eagle Coins

The Platinum Eagle is the official Platinum bullion coin of the USA

This 99.95% fine Platinum coin is available in bullion and proof finishes which caters for Platinum investors and collectors alike

T he US Mint released the first Platinum Eagle in 1997 with the usual 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz denominations being sold to the US Mint's authorised distributors. The Mint slashed its offerings in 2008, which restricted the Platinum Eagles to just the 1oz versions

As with the Platinum Britannia coins, the design of Platinum Eagles is the same for each of the denominations, the only variation in the design is seen on the proof finish coins which are the only US bullion coins that change their design each year. Proof finish Eagles have been produced each year since 1997 in the 1oz denomination. Annual mintages have been limited with some years seeing mintages lower than 5,000 coins


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Platinum 1oz US Eagle

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Platinum 1/2oz US Eagle

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The Platinum Eagle coin is the only Platinum bullion coin struck in the USA. The US administration guarantee each Platinum Eagle on the basis of purity and weight. The face value of the 1oz coin is $100, the highest nominal value given to a US coin

Platinum Eagles are legal tender in the USA, the face value is symbolic given that the value of the metal far exceeds the face value of each of the Platinum Eagle coins regardless of the weight. The US Mint issues the coins to wholesale dealers and does not sell directly to the public


Unlike the bullion coins, the Proof Eagles are sold directly to the public with many of these being part of a proof coin set. Interestingly, the 1oz Eagle weights 1.0005 troy ounces to ensure that it contains a full ounce of pure Platinum

As with the Silver Eagles, the Platinum versions feature 'Liberty', however the design is completely different. The Platinum Eagle featuring a portrait of Liberty whilst the Silver version contains a full body display with the American flag in the background. Auronum guarantees investors a place to sell a Platinum Eagle with our live buyback rates displayed onscreen

Platinum 1/4oz US Eagle

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Platinum 1/10oz US Eagle

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