Selling Gold

Online Gold Prices

The above figures show our current rates. We currently pay market leading rates for Gold bullion bars and even offer competitive premiums on large Gold bullion

We currently pay 1.5% above spot price for selected 24ct Gold coins. Our rates change depending on the underlying market

To secure a price to sell Gold, simply contact our trading desk to lock a price for a Gold bar or coin

Selling Platinum

Online Platinum Prices

We currently pay 101% of the spot Platinum price for Platinum bars and 102% for coins, meaning you can sell Platinum to us above the prevailing market rate

Our rates are subject to change depending on market conditions and are reviewed daily given the volatility of Platinum prices

Simply contact our trading desk to lock a price for selling your platinum to us

Selling Silver

Selling Silver Online

Sell your Silver bars coins to us for 2% above spot price for bars and 5% above spot for coins

The rates offered for physical Silver is reviewed daily given the volatility of the underlying metal market. Contact our trading desk to lock a price for selling Silver to us

Selling Queen's Beast Coins

Selling Queen's Beasts Online

Auronum offers generous premiums for Queen's Beast coins for investors looking to sell a Queen's Beast coin

Our rates offered change with the underlying market and the percentage mark-up that we offer is reviewed regularly to ensure that our offers are fair and market reflective

Selling Full and Half Sovereigns

Selling Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold Sovereign coins are incredibly popular, making them relatively easy to sell

Auronum offers year specific premiums for Gold Sovereign coins, ensuring that sellers receive a fair price for their coins which is market reflective according to the design being sold

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