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Sell Full Gold Sovereigns


S elling a Full Gold Sovereign is a relatively easy process given the coin's popularity and affordability for most precious metal investors. Ensuring that you receive a competitive offer from a buyer is easier said than done. Bullion companies typically offer a flat rate for investors selling Half Sovereigns or Full Sovereigns. Auronum offers different premiums depending on the coin's mintage date with all rates above spot price

Investors can sell full Gold Sovereigns to Auronum, receive transparent and above spot price rates and receive payment on the very same day that the Sovereigns are received at our storage facility. Our Trade Desk frequently benchmarks selling rates of other leading bullion companies ensuring that our prices offer the best value for investors selling full Sovereigns. Our rates update every 60 seconds whilst the Gold market is open


Half Sovereign

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Full Sovereign

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Double Sovereign

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Gold Sovereigns are one of the easiest Gold coins to sell in the UK but choosing the best platform to sell can be challenging due to seller fees or risk of fraud. Local jewellery stores almost always offer uncompetitive pricing and typically offer a percentage below the spot price for Sovereigns as do some online bullion dealers, with no recognition of premiums that some designs command

Auronum has identified the issue for sellers and offers live bids that have different premiums over the spot price depending on the year that the coin was minted. Our prices are transparent, guaranteed and payment is always issued on the same day that your coin(s) are received. Auronum guarantees a bid for Sovereigns over the spot price, ensuring that all sellers receive a fair market reflective price


Trading Desk Contact:

0800 975 1012

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday


Full Sovereign Coins

  • Step 1View Our Live Offers

    Visit our 'Specific Year Values' page to see a live offer for your coin depending on its mintage date
  • Step 2Request a Live Price

    Call our trading desk to lock a live offer for your Full Sovereign based on the live offer on our website
  • Step 3Send Your Sovereign

    We recommend sending Full Sovereigns via recorded delivery. Please reference our selling guide for full details
  • Step 4Receive Payment

    Funds transferred on the same day that we receive your Sovereign which should show in your bank account the same day that the sovereigns are received

Trading Desk Contact:

0800 975 1012

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday

Our Trade Desk offers live offers to sell Full Sovereigns which are based on the underlying price of Gold as well as a premium for the type of Sovereign that is being sold

The Year Specific Values page shows live offers for any Gold Full Sovereign which allows sellers to see the exact amount they will receive for their coin

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