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  • Gold £1,852.06 oz -0.64%
  • Silver £22.45 oz -1.19%
  • Platinum £747.44 oz -2.18%
Gold -0.64%
£1,852.06 oz
Silver -1.19%
£22.45 oz
Platinum -2.18%
£747.44 oz
Gold -0.64%
£1,852.06 oz
Silver -1.19%
£22.45 oz
Platinum -2.18%
£22.45 oz

Live Selling Prices

Sell Full Gold Sovereigns

Selling a Full Gold Sovereign is a relatively easy process given the coin’s popularity and affordability for most precious metal investors. Ensuring that you receive a competitive offer from a buyer is easier said than done. Bullion companies typically offer a flat rate for investors selling Half Sovereigns or Full Sovereigns. Auronum offers different premiums depending on the coin’s mintage date with all rates above spot price

Investors can sell full Gold Sovereigns to Auronum, receive transparent and above spot price rates and receive payment on the very same day that the Sovereigns are received at our storage facility. Our Trade Desk frequently benchmarks selling rates of other leading bullion companies ensuring that our prices offer the best value for investors selling full Sovereigns. Our rates update every 60 seconds whilst the Gold market is open

Half Sovereigns

Auronum is a buyer of half Sovereigns in any volume. The rates offered to sellers differ by monarch to ensure the full value of each coin is captured by our market reflective selling rates. Once locked, prices are then guarnateed even if the Gold price falls

2022 gold sovereign coin

Double Sovereigns

Double Sovereigns are another popular investment that Auronum guranatees to pay a market reflective price to sellers. Our rates even offer premiums for the one-year types issued by the Royal Mint. Auronum is rated ‘Excellent’ which allows sellers to trade in full confidence

Five Sovereigns

A coin for seasoned investors and another coin that our trade desk will ensure to buy at competitive premiums which update every 60 seconds with the live Gold market spot prices. Despite the larger size, Auronum still offers additional premiums for one-year type special year designs

Full Sovereign Offers

Live Special Year Valuations

Gold memorial sovereign

2022 Memorial​


2022 Sovereign

2002 Gold Full Shield Back Sovereign

2002 Sovereign

2017 Double Sovereign

2017 Sovereign

1989 proof sovereign coin

1989 Sovereign​

2012 sovereign coin

2012 Sovereign

1937 gold sovereign proof coin

1937 Sovereign

Australia half sovereign

Australian Sovereign


Gold Sovereigns are one of the easiest Gold coins to sell in the UK but choosing the best platform to sell can be challenging due to seller fees or risk of fraud. Local jewellery stores almost always offer uncompetitive pricing and typically offer a percentage below the spot price for Sovereigns as do some online bullion dealers, with no recognition of premiums that some designs command


Auronum has identified the issue for sellers and offers live bids that have different premiums over the spot price depending on the year that the coin was minted. Our prices are transparent, guaranteed and payment is always issued on the same day that your coin(s) are received. Auronum guarantees a bid for Sovereigns over the spot price, ensuring that all sellers receive a fair market reflective price



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