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King Edward Gold Coins

King Edward VII Gold Sovereigns

The King Edward Gold Sovereign is a stable to any Sovereign collection given its availability and low premium, making it ideal for collectors to increase their Gold holdings


K ing Edward VII's tenure on the British thrown was relatively short which is why he only features on nine years of Gold Full and Half Sovereigns. Kind Edward VII's Sovereigns are readily available and are always available for purchase in the UK at small premiums. Gold Sovereigns are very popular with investors given their high (91.67%) pure Gold content, causing these coins to hold their value very well

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King Edward VII Gold Sovereigns began to be struck in 1902 which was the year after he became King. Edward VII had a relatively short tenure on the throne, with his reign lasting nine years. His last appearance on the Gold Sovereign was 1910. Despite the fact that Edward VII's reign was short, his Gold Sovereigns are often freely available

King Edward VII is mostly seen on full and half Sovereigns although he did appear on a double Sovereign in the year of his coronation. The 1902 double Sovereign is a rare find and trades at multiples to its intrinsic Gold value. The full and half Sovereigns that were minted during Edward VII's reign are considered standard bullion Sovereigns and trade close to their intrinsic Gold value, no year bears any premium over the others during this period

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