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King Edward Sovereigns

1907 Gold Sovereigns

T he King Edward VII Sovereigns featured on nine years of British Sovereign coins, this being from 1902 through to 1910. The 1907 Gold Sovereign is as popular as any other during Kind Edward VII's reign. The 1907 Gold Sovereign value is higher than its own weight in Gold

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What is a 1907 Gold Sovereign
Coin Worth?


A 1907 Full Sovereign is worth more than its weight in Gold. Each Sovereign is 22 carat meaning that the coin is 91.67% pure Gold. As Gold is a relatively soft metal, copper was used as part of the alloy to make the Sovereign more robust. A Full Sovereign coin is 7.98g with 7.322g of fine Gold

Prices seen on screen are live valuations for a 1907 Full Sovereign and shows what these coins are worth today. Auronum will buy a 1907 King Edward VII for the price quoted. This valuation is live and will change with the movements in the Gold spot price. To lock a price to sell, call our Trade Desk on 0800 975 1012


1907 Half Sovereigns are popular with investors as their premiums are moderate compared to older Half Sovereigns. This allows investors to make the 1907 Half Sovereign part of a regular monthly Gold purchase plan which builds a Gold position over time. The half Sovereign has a slightly higher premium per gram than the Full Sovereign but has the advantage of being easier to sell

The price on screen shows what a 1907 Half Sovereign coin is worth today and will change with movements in the Gold spot price. Auronum's Trade Desk will purchase any Sovereign in good condition from this era. Simply call 0800 975 1012 to lock a price to sell

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