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What is a Full Sovereign Worth?

Gold Sovereign Values by Year

V aluations of Full Gold Sovereigns can differ by a wide margin given that some coins are over 200 years old and therefore are more desirable for collectors. Auronum acknowledges the differences in premiums that each coin commands and shows our live Full Sovereign value by year below

The prices on screen update with movements in the Gold spot price every 60 seconds and so are an accurate guide to what a full Gold Sovereign coin is worth today. Our specific year prices are designs to offer sellers fair market reflective value for their full Sovereigns

The year-by-year valuations are frequently reviewed by our Trade Desk to ensure that they capture any new trends within the industry. Our year specific values always allow sellers to receive a bid above the bullion value of the full Sovereign coins, no matter which year it was minted

Investors looking to sell should contact the Auronum Trade Desk to lock a price to sell, all funds are transferred the same day that the Gold Sovereigns are received. We do not currently pay a premium based on the mint location, all premiums depend on mintage years only

2023 full sovereign coin


Our Offer:
2016_full_sovereign_coin-removebg-preview (1)

2016 - 2021

Our Offer:
1885 shield sovereign

1838 - 1887

Our Offer:


Our Offer:

Trading Desk Contact:

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Full Sovereign Offers

Live Special Year Valuations

For collectors fortunate enough to own any of the special edition Full Gold Sovereigns, Auronum values paying a fair premium that factors in the rarity and desirability of the special year Full Sovereigns. This section shows our live offers for the special year Full Sovereigns

The Royal Mint issued special edition Gold Sovereigns to celebrate different events. The 2017 Piedfort Sovereign, for example, was the 200 year anniversary of the modern day Sovereign that was first issued in 1817. Whilst the 2012 design commemorated the Diamond Jubilee

Arguably, the most desired Gold Sovereign is the 1937 issuance which was the only year which featured George VI, making this coin year's premium one of the highest premiums paid over the Gold Sovereign's intrinsic value. All sovereigns from this year were struck in a proof finish

Other special years such as the 2012 or 2002 versions feature one-off designs which makes them worth slightly more than a Gold Sovereign minted in a non-specific year. These factors are captured in the live offers seen on screen which update every minute

2022 Memorial

Our Offer:

2022 Sovereign

Our Offer:

2002 Sovereign

Our Offer:

2017 Sovereign

Our Offer:

1989 Sovereign

Our Offer:

2012 Sovereign

Our Offer:

1937 Sovereign

Our Offer:


Our Offer:
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