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O ur company provides a source of liquidity for investors in physical Gold that are looking to sell Gold Bullion online. Auronum purchases Gold bars and coins regardless of where you originally purchased the Gold

Investors selling Gold will secure competitive prices when selling to Auronum. We understand the importance of cashflow for our clients which is why we endeavor for funds to be sent to your designated bank account the same day that your Gold is received

Auronum is a leading British precious metal dealer. Investors selling Gold bullion can receive a live price to sell Gold bars for all types of Gold bullion bars and prices to sell Gold Coins


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0800 975 1012

Selling Gold Online

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Call our trading desk to receive a live quote


Lock Price

Accept a quote based on the spot Gold price


Post Your Gold

We recommend sending Gold recorded delivery


Receive Funds

Funds transferred when we receive your Gold

Half ounce gold bullion bar

Half Ounce Bars

Our Live Offer:

1 ounce Gold Bar Australia mint

One Ounce Bars

Our Live Offer:

20 Gram Gold Bar frosted

20 Gram Bars

Our Live Offer:

Gold Cast bar 50 grams Pamp Suisse

50 Gram Bars

Our Live Offer:

100g gold bar

100 Gram Bars

Our Live Offer:

Sell 250 gram gold bar

250 Gram Bars

Our Live Offer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Gold Online

+What happens if the Gold price goes down after I send my Gold to you?
You are fully insulated from the underlying Gold price after you have accepted a price offered by our trading desk but you must post your metal(s) on the day that the price was agreed for it to remain valid
+I am sending a large volume of precious metals, how shall I do this?
We recommend that each parcel's value be limited to no more than £2,500 where possible. So a parcel of £7,500 value should be split into three separate £2,500 packages
+How soon will I receive the funds?
We send funds to your bank account within 24-hours of receiving your metal(s). It typically takes 2-3 days for the funds to show in your account. If the value of your metal exceeds £3,000 then we will make an instant CHAPS transfer resulting in your funds being available to you on the same day that we receive your package(s)
+Do you pay premiums for certain brands of bar or coin?
We pay the same rates for bullion bars and coins regardless of the mint that produced them. In the same vein, we do not charge premiums for more desirable branded bars either. We typically will pay a higher rate for Gold coins relative to Gold bars. Please see the top of this page for our current rates
+Do you buy scrap Gold or Silver?
At this time we only accept Gold and Silver bars and coins

+I agreed a price with your trade desk, how long is the price locked for?
Your price is guaranteed providing that you post your metal(s) on the same day that you agreed a price with our trading desk. If you cannot post your metal(s) to us on the same day then kindly contact our trade desk for a refreshed price
+What is the most important thing I need to know when selling?
It is important for all clients to include their bank account number and sort code. Please also provide a name and telephone number in case we need to contact you for any reason. We advise all clients to send any precious metal using recorded delivery that requires a signature upon receipt
+What information do you need when I send my metal?
Please kindly include your name, reference number given by our trading desk as well as your bank account number and sort code for our finance team to remit funds
+Can I send Gold without agreeing a price with you first?
We require all clients to agree a price prior to sending precious metals to us. In the event that we receive Gold from a client without agreeing a price, we will contact you to give you a live quote based on the prevailing spot price(s) upon receipt of your Gold
+How soon can you send funds to me?
For clients that require urgent fund transfer, we can make a CHAPS payment which will show in your account immediately for a £25 charge (this is what the bank charges us for this type of payment). Clients who sell metals greater than £3,000 will receive a CHAPS payment at no extra cost

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