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  • Gold £1,893.20 oz -0.73%
  • Silver £22.55 oz -1.44%
  • Platinum £796.98 oz -0.88%
Gold -0.73%
£1,893.20 oz
Silver -1.44%
£22.55 oz
Platinum -0.88%
£796.98 oz
Gold -0.73%
£1,893.20 oz
Silver -1.44%
£22.55 oz
Platinum -0.88%
£22.55 oz

Sell Gold Coins

Sell Gold Coins

Auronum offers investors instant live prices to sell Gold coins above spot price. The live rates are being reviewed daily and reflect the underlying supply and demand of physical Gold coins in today’s marketplace. All prices are live and can be locked by contacting our Trading Desk


Trading Desk Contact

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday

Full Sovereigns gold

Sell Online


Auronum is a buyer of Gold Sovereigns and pays year specific prices to reflect the higher premiums that certain designs and years command in the market. Our live prices act as a guide for what your Gold Sovereigns are worth at any time

Foreign gold currency

Sell Online

Gold Foreign Currency

Sellers of foreign Gold currency coins will be able to see live valuations for a wide range of Gold foreign currency coins from all over the world and ranging from modern-day issues to historic 17th century rarities

Gold Britannias

Gold Britannia 1oz

Gold half ounce Brit

Gold Britannia 1/2oz

Gold 1/4oz Britannia coin

Gold Britannia 1/4oz

gold tenth britannia coin

Gold Britannia 1/10oz


Gold Krugerrands

1982 krugerrand 1 oz

Gold Krugerrand 1oz

Half Ounce Krugerrand 1890 Coin

Gold Krugerrand 1/2oz

quarter ounce Gold Krugerrand

Gold Krugerrand 1/4oz

Gold krugerrand 1/10oz coin

Gold Krugerrand 1/10oz


Gold Maple

Gold Maple coin 1oz

Gold Maple 1oz

Gold Maple Leaf half ounce

Gold Maple 1/2oz

1/4oz gold maple

Gold Maple 1/4oz

Gold 1/10oz Maple leaf coin

Gold Maple 1/10oz


Gold Panda

Gold 1oz China Panda coin

Gold Panda 1oz


Gold Panda 1/2oz

Gold Chinese Panda quarter oz

Gold Panda 1/4oz

gold 1/10 oz gold coin

Gold Panda 1/10oz


Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget 1oz

Gold half ounce Australian nugget coin

Gold Nugget 1/2oz

Aussie Gold nugget quarter ounce gold coin

Gold Nugget 1/4oz

1/10oz gold nugget coin

Gold Nugget 1/10oz


Gold Eagles

US Gold Double Eagle Coin

Gold Double Eagle

US Gold Eagle 1oz coin

Gold Eagle 1oz

us gold eagle half ounce

Gold Eagle 1/2oz

Gold 1/4oz Eagle coin

Gold Eagle 1/4oz


1 Ounce Misc

We Pay


1 Ounce Buffalo

We Pay

Gold Royal Arms Coin

1 Ounce Royal Arms

We Pay

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