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  • Gold £1,891.08 oz -0.79%
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Gold -0.79%
£1,891.08 oz
Silver -1.64%
£22.49 oz
Platinum -0.88%
£796.55 oz
Gold -0.79%
£1,891.08 oz
Silver -1.64%
£22.49 oz
Platinum -0.88%
£22.49 oz
2022 Special Year

The 2022 Gold Double Sovereign


T he 2022 Double Sovereign coin is the commemorative Sovereign for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. This is significant given that her majesty is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee and so these Sovereigns will forever be part of Great British History

The 2022 Double Sovereign features a unique Royal Coat of Arms reverse which makes 2022 a special year for Sovereign designs as was the case in 2017, 2012, 2005, 2002 and 1989. To make the 2022 Gold Sovereign range even more unique, the Gold alloy is a beautiful Crown Gold with a rosy lustre


The 2022 Double Sovereign is struck in 22 carat Gold, making the coin 91.67% pure Gold. The remainder of the alloy is predominately copper which gives this Crown Gold coin its beautiful pink glow allowing it to stand out in any coin collection

The specifications of the Double Sovereign are a mass weight of 15.976g with a pure Gold weight of 14.63g. The diameter of the coin is 28.40mm which compares to the Full Sovereign of 22mm diameter

The high demand for this coin ensures it will always be worth more than its own weight in Gold which is why Gold Sovereigns are as popular today as ever

Auronum has partnered with the Royal Mint in the distribution of 2022 Sovereigns and 2022 Double Sovereign coins and offers these at competitive premiums. The Double Sovereign is ideal for collectors that would like a lower premium per gram of Gold

The reverse design features the Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland either side of the shield. The coin's main side features the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

The design has been one of the fastest selling releases in recent years and is incredibly popular with investors and collectors alike

Live Prices

Selling a 2022 Double Sovereign

Auronum buys Double Sovereigns back, even if you did not originally purchase from our website. The price on screen shows the live bid that we will pay for your 2022 Double Sovereign(s). This will change with the underlying Gold price so be sure to lock your price with our Trade Desk by calling 0800 975 1012

When a price is agreed with our Trade Desk, that price is guaranteed even if the Gold price falls before we receive your coin(s), offering you certainty and peace of mind when selling your Gold coins

The live price on screen takes into account the intrinsic Gold value of the Double Sovereign as well as a generous premium for the 2022 design premium. Investors can receive a similar premium when selling a Full Sovereign minted in 2022. Additional premiums are also offered for other special year Sovereigns

As if the 2022 Double Sovereign's beautiful appearance is not alluring enough, the coin is VAT free and Capital Gains Tax exempt for all UK residents allowing investors to hold onto their profits

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