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T he US Gold Eagles are one of the most recognisable coins in the world and are a firm favourite for precious metal investors. Market conditions and the need to rebalance portfolios can mean that savvy investors need to sell their US Gold Eagle coins. Auronum offers a source of instant liquidity at market leading rates. This is especially important to large sellers or individuals that want to sell fast before market conditions change

Precious metal investors oftentimes experience the same issue, they all want to sell after the Gold spot price has advanced or if further declines are obvious. These periods are likely to be met with weak buying demand making it challenging to sell coins such as US Gold Eagles. Selling to our Trade Desk is a great solution to this issue as our rates remain competitive even after a large advance or decline in Gold spot prices


To sell a US Gold Eagle coin, simply check the live offers below to see our indicative rates. These offer a premium above the coin's intrinsic Gold value for these Gold bullion coins. Our Trade Desk will lock a price for sellers which is then guaranteed, even if the Gold spot price falls after the price is agreed. Be sure to send your coin(s) on the same day to keep your rate locked. Refer to the Selling Guide for full details

Auronum offers rates over the spot Gold price for investors looking to sell a US Gold Eagle coin, our rates change to reflect Gold spot movements

Our live rates are frequently benchmarked against other established bullion companies to ensure our offers remain the best in the industry



Gold Double Eagles

Our Live Offer:


Auronum purchases Liberty and Indian Head Eagle coins. Live valuations for $2.5, $5 and $10 Gold Eagles are available on the main selling pages

Gold 1 Ounce Eagles

Our Live Offer:


Trading Desk Contact:

0800 975 1012


Step 1

Review the live prices for your Gold Eagle coins above, these show indicative prices that you will be paid when you sell


Step 2

Call our Trade Desk to lock a price to sell your coin(s). This price then becomes guaranteed even if Gold prices fall after


Step 3

Post your Gold Eagles using the address shown on our selling guide, this can be downloaded using the button below


Step 4

Receive payment. Funds will be transferred to your bank account on the same day that your Gold Eagles are received

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