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Sell Gold Krugerrand Coins

G old Krugerrand coins are popular low premium Gold bullion coins. Auronum pays market leading rates for investors looking to sell Gold Krugerrand coins online

The prices seen on screen update automatically with the Gold spot price, ensuring investors receive a fair and competitive price when they sell a Gold Krugerrand to Auronum

Auronum pays market leading rates for sellers of Gold Krugerrands and frequently benchmarks prices against other leading bullion companies


Gold 1 Ounce Krugerrands

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Gold 1/2 Ounce Krugerrands

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Gold 1/4 Ounce Krugerrands

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Gold 1/10 Ounce Krugerrands

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Selling Process

Sell a Gold Krugerrand


Krugerrands are an excellent way of gaining exposure to the Gold spot price as they are a standard bullion coin. There may be circumstances to when savvy investors would like to reduce this exposure due to underlying market conditions or to rebalance a portfolio


Investors typically look to sell Gold Krugerrands when the Gold price has risen or if further falls are anticipated, the issue with this is buyers may not be willing to purchase at these moments, making it difficult to sell. Auronum offers guaranteed liquidity to investors looking to sell any number of Gold Krugerrands, even if the Gold price has recently spiked or further falls are obvious

Given the volatility that can be seen in the Gold spot price, when a decision is made to sell a Gold Krugerrand, speed can sometimes be of the essence and finding another private investor to sell to can be time consuming as well as risky due scammers. Auronum offers competitive prices and makes payment for any coins sold the very same day that your coin(s) are received


Step 1

Review the live prices for your Gold Krugerrands above, these show indicative prices that you will be paid when you sell


Step 3

Post your Krugerrands using the address shown on our selling guide, this can be downloaded using the button below


Step 2

Call our Trade Desk to lock a price to sell your coin(s). This price then becomes guaranteed even if Gold prices fall after


Step 4

Receive payment. Funds will be transferred to your bank account on the same day that your Krugerrands are received

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