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  • Gold £1,905.81 oz -0.24%
  • Silver £24.97 oz -0.17%
  • Platinum £842.64 oz 0.24%
Gold -0.24%
£1,905.81 oz
Silver -0.17%
£24.97 oz
Platinum 0.24%
£842.64 oz
Gold -0.24%
£1,905.81 oz
Silver -0.17%
£24.97 oz
Platinum 0.24%
£24.97 oz

Live Prices to Sell

Sell Half Sovereign Coins

Auronum® offers live spot prices for investors looking to sell Gold Sovereigns or Half Sovereigns online. Our prices reflect the live spot market Gold price and ensures that you receive the exact market price for the Gold content in each of your Sovereign coins

The table to the right shows a live offer for selling a Full Sovereign or Half Sovereign, these prices reflect the 22ct (91.67%) Gold purity of Full and Half Sovereigns. Our buyback rates cover all half Sovereigns, even ones that were originally sourced elsewhere

Selling Half Sovereigns

Live Selling Rates

Auronum recognises that specific dated half Sovereign coins carry a premium and so our buyback rates are tailored to capture these premiums 

Our team benchmark our rates each week against other top-tier bullion companies to ensure that our rates are as competitive as possible

Live Intrinsic Values

Half Sovereign

Intrinsic Value


Full Sovereign

Intrinsic Value

Gold double sovereign

Double Sovereign

Intrinsic Value

Gold five sovereign

Five Sovereign

Intrinsic Value


Trading Desk Contact

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday

Auronum Buybacks

Market Leading Live Selling Rates

Auronum purchases Gold coins from investors at market leading rates, even if the coins were originally purchased elsewhere

Selling Half Sovereigns?

Year Specific Rates Paid on half Sovereigns

Half gold sovereign coins

When selling a Gold Sovereign it is important to understand the value of the coin to ensure that you can make an informed decision on any offer received. A Full and Half Sovereign’s value is determined by its Gold purity, full Gold sovereigns contain 7.322 grams of pure gold whilst Half Sovereigns contain 3.66 grams of pure Gold. If you are unsure if your Sovereign is Full or Half, simply refer to the specifications below to ensure that our Trading Desk quotes a price for the correct coin


We frequently benchmark our rates against other major UK bullion companies to ensure competitiveness in our offers. Auronum® offers the exact market price for each Full or Half Sovereign whilst other companies offer 1-2% below the market price with all Sovereign coins minted in 22ct Gold (91.67% Gold Purity). Upon receipt of your coin(s), our team will verify the Gold content and issue a payment on the same day that your coin is received


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