A uronum purchases Gold Double Sovereign coins from investors using live market rates. Sellers of Gold Double Sovereigns are assured a competitive bid based on the coin's intrinsic spot value. Our bid is slightly above the spot price of a Double Sovereign irrespective of the coin's date

The categories below show live bids for special year Double Gold Sovereign coins. Simply call 0800 975 1012 to lock a live price to sell any number of Double Sovereign coins


Our Live Double Sovereign Bid


Special Year Double Sovereigns

Auronum offers year specific premiums for the special year Double Sovereigns that featured one-off designs. The bids on screen are valid for any Double Sovereign from the featured years that is free from rim damage or scratches

Else all good conditioned Double Sovereigns from these years are guaranteed the premiums offered. Simply call our Trading Desk on 0800 975 1012 to lock a price to sell today

To sell a Double Sovereign from years that are not special year designs, Auronum currently offers a flat 0.5% premium over the coin's intrinsic value. Sellers are assured a market reflective price for their Double Sovereign

Sellers benefit from instant payment on the same day that their coin(s) are received by Auronum. The exact price that sellers will receive will be based on the live bid on screen at the time of calling our Trade Desk

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