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T he five Sovereign is a large bullion coin containing more than an ounce of Gold. This makes the coin an excellent way of securing size in a precious metal portfolio, however, the higher price for the coin does price smaller investors out of the five Sovereign market

This higher price can mean that these coins are not as easy to sell as a full or half sovereign. Auronum offers competitive prices for investors looking to sell five sovereign coins. The prices on screen are live and change with movements in the Gold spot price

The prices on screen show our live bids to buy Gold Sovereigns, simply call the Trade Desk to lock your price(s). This will guarantee a price so that you know the exact amount you will be paid before you send your coin(s) to us

Victoria Five SovereignGold Victoria Five Sovereign

No additional premium is paid for proof coins because it is very difficult to assess each individual proof coin's condition, appraising proof coins is very time consuming and increases risk of loss because the smallest imperfections can lead buyers to reject the coin

In light of this, Auronum's policy is to offer a flat rate for five sovereigns whether they are proof or standard bullion. It is noteworthy that this practice is standard across the industry, the same holds for five sovereigns that have limited mintages, no additional premium is currently offered for these pieces. However, a higher premium will be offered for the special year sovereigns which feature the one-year type designs

Five Sovereigns

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2022 gold memorial full sovereign

Memorial Five Sovereign

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2022 Five Sovereign

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2017 Double Sovereign

2017 Five Sovereign

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1989 Five Sovereign

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