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Sell Foreign Gold

I nvesting in foreign Gold coins is an exciting and profitable prospect but it can be difficult finding buyers given that most collectors stick to what they know which is oftentimes their own country's coins. Auronum offers premiums in excess of a Gold foreign coin's intrinsic value when buying back from collectors

Auronum's bids displayed in the section below are live and will change with the underlying Gold spot price, this ensures that any changes in the intrinsic value of the coin will be captured, ensuring sellers receive a market reflective and fair rate for their foreign Gold coins


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Sell Mexican Gold

Gold coins from Mexico are popular the world over as they offer something different which will suit all budgets and desires. There are large 50 pesos bullion coins to small numismatic Libertads. Selling Mexican Gold coins can be challenging in certain markets as some buyers might not recognise the premium that these beautiful coins deserve


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Sell Peru Gold

Gold coins from Peru are similar to the Mexican coin range insofar that they offer something for all kinds of collectors. 100 soles coins for large bullion numismatic investors or 1/5 Libras for fractional Gold collectors. Auronum recognises the premiums that these coins attract in the UK due to their scarcity and desirability

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Sell Guatemalan Gold

Auronum pride's itself with offering transparent and generous buyback rates for the Guatemala Gold Quetzal coins. The Gold Qutzal coins are a one year only range, making them extremely rare. We invite any hold of Gold Quetzal coins to discuss any potential sale with our Trade Desk


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US Gold Eagles

Desired in all regions of the world, the US Gold Eagles are popular coins that range from small to seven-figure premiums depending on the rarity. Most investors will be looking to sell Liberty Head or Eagle coins. Auronum offers premiums for both types

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Sell South African Gold

0.5 Gold South African Pond

1/2 Pond

Our Live Bid:

South African 1 Pond Gold Coin

1 Pond

Our Live Bid:

Gold 1 Rand South Africa Coin

1 Rand

Our Live Bid:

Gold 2 Rand South Africa Coin

2 Rand

Our Live Bid:

Live Bids

Sell Austrian Gold Ducats

1 Ducat Gold coin

1 Ducat

Our Live Bid:

Gold 2 Austrian Ducat Coin

2 Ducat

Our Live Bid:

Austrian 4 Ducat Gold Coin

4 Ducats

Our Live Bid:

Live Bids

Sell Gold Russian Rubles

Live Bids

Sell Middle East Gold


Iranian 14 Pahlavī gold coin

1/4 Pahlavī

Our Live Bid:

Iranian 0.5 Pahlavī Gold

1/2 Pahlavī

Our Live Bid:

Iran Gold Half Pahlavī Coin

1 Pahlavī

Our Live Bid:



Isreal 20 Lirot Gold coin

20 Lirot

Our Live Bid:

Gold 50 Lirot Israel coin

50 Lirot

Our Live Bid:

100 Lirot Gold coin

100 Lirot

Our Live Bid:


Miscellaneous Countries

Argentina 5 peso gold

Argentina 5 Peso

Our Live Bid:

Uruguay gold side view 5 peso

Uruguay 5 Peso

Our Live Bid:

Saudi Arabia Gold Guinea Coin

1 Guinea

Our Live Bid:

1 Dinar Saudi Arabia Gold

1 Dinar - Husayn

Our Live Bid:


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