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P latinum is a niche investment in the UK due to the VAT levy imposed on Platinum bullion bars and coins. This can make selling Platinum coins more difficult than selling Gold coins such as the Gold Britannia. Auronum offers market leading rates to investors looking to sell Platinum coins

The rates offered change with the spot Platinum price and therefore ensure that investors are paid a fair price for their Platinum coins. Investors that use Auronum can sell Platinum Maple coins 2% above the Platinum spot price. Platinum Maples are the standard Canadian Platinum bullion coin and are popular investments for Platinum coin enthusiasts


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Platinum Britannia coins are the most popular Platinum investments in the UK. Manufactured by the Royal Mint, these coins are struck in 999.5 fine Platinum and are seen in 1 ounce and 1/10 ounce weights. Auronum offers just over 2% above the Platinum spot price to investors that sell Platinum Britannia coins

There is no limit to the number of Platinum coins that can be sold to Auronum, each will be verified upon receipt with payments sent to sellers on the very same day that the Platinum Britannia coins are received


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The Platinum Krugerrand coin was minted in 2017 for the first time and is a rarer find in the UK. Auronum offers its highest rates for sellers of Platinum Krugerrand coins. As South Africa is a world leader in Platinum production, it is very likely that Platinum Krugerrands are minted by using Platinum mined locally

The price on screen is a live selling price which will change with movements in the Platinum spot market. A price to sell can be locked by contacting the Auronum Trade Desk. Please refer to our selling guide for full detsails


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