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A uronum is a leading supplier of Silver Bullion coins and offers clients the option to sell Silver coins back to us, even if the coins were originally purchases elsewhere. The rates that investors will receive when they sell Silver coins to Auronum is displayed on this page

The bids change with the underlying spot price so be sure to call our Trade Desk to lock your prices. This means that sellers of Silver coins know the exact amount they will receive for the coins before posting them and also guarantees that price even if the Silver price falls thereafter


The above prices show the live Silver spot price as well as our live bid to buy any one ounce Silver coin

As the range of Silver coins is so much broader than that of Gold coins, Auronum is unable to offer specific premiums for each design, however, design specific premiums are paid for the more common Silver coins. Our live bids are displayed below

Silver Krugerrands


Silver Libertad Coins


Silver Philharmonic Coins


Silver US Eagle Coins


Silver Royal Arms


Silver Maple Coins


Silver Buffalo Coins


Trading Desk Contact:

0800 975 1012

Call to Lock a Live Price

Silver Guinea Coins


Sell Silver Guinea Coins

Silver Guinea coins are a firm favourite and command a higher premium than other more standard Silver coins, this is reflected in the rates offer to investors who sell Silver Guinea coins


A very popular series for UK bullion coin collectors is the Queen's Beasts. Auronum offers higher premiums for these coins which ensures that investors receive a fair price when selling

Silver Queen's Beasts


Sell Queen's Beast Coins

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