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A uronum offers market leading premiums for investors looking to sell Silver Britannia coins. The rates that are offered are displayed on this page and are live, changing with the spot Silver price. Our Trade Desk will guarantee a price with sellers of Britannia coins so that they have certainty on the price they will receive for their coins before they post them to us

A coin with an extensive history that originated since the Roman empire. Silver Britannia coins have been struck to bullion standard by the Royal Mint since 1987. The Britannia has appeared on British coins since the reign of Charles II and was first minted onto a coin around 119 AD. The Britannia has become the UK's most iconic coin making it easy to buy and sell

Auronum offers premiums in excess of the Britannia's intrinsic value for investors selling Silver Britannia coins


Despite their popularity and beauty, Silver Britannia coins trade as bullion coins rather than higher premium numismatic coins. This means the value of a Britannia coin is determined by the Silver spot price

The price on screen is a live indication of the rate our Trade Desk will pay for a one ounce Silver Britannia coin, simply lock a price by calling the Trade Desk. This price is then guaranteed even if the Silver spot price falls. Please refer to our Selling Guide for full details for selling any number of Silver Britannia coins

Auronum will offer instant liquidity for sellers of any Silver coin that is in a fair condition, refer to our main Silver Coin Selling page for more information. Rates offered are in excess of the Silver spot price, rates are agreed with the seller before coins are sent and payment is made to the seller's bank account on the same day that the Silver Britannia coins are received

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