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Sell Silver Krugerrand Coins


T he Krugerrand bullion coin has been available since 1967 and remains one of the most popular bullion coins globally. However, the South African mint has only produced Silver Krugerrand coins since 2017 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Krugerrand's debut on the world stage

Silver Krugerrand coins trade at a slight premium to the Silver spot market, Auronum allows investors looking to sell Silver Krugerrands an opportunity to quickly convert Silver Krugerrands into cash at competitive prices that change with the live Silver spot market


Silver 1oz Krugerrand

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Live selling prices onscreen are indicative and can be locked by contacting our Trade Desk. As soon as you have locked a price to sell, you are guaranteed to be paid that price even if the Silver price falls before we receive your Silver Krugerrands

Moreover, Auronum uses an instant bank transfer mechanism to pay sellers, ensuring that all clients are paid on the very same day that their coin have been received

Silver 2oz Proof Krugerrand

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