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Gold -0.39%
£1,894.90 oz
Silver -1.08%
£24.91 oz
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Gold -0.39%
£1,894.90 oz
Silver -1.08%
£24.91 oz
Platinum -0.28%
£24.91 oz

Selling Silver Coins

Sell Silver Maple Coins

The Silver Maple Leaf coin is an iconic Canadian bullion coin that has been issued each year since 1988. These are very popular investments in the UK and offer Silver stackers something different to the conventional Silver Britannia. Investors looking to sell a Silver Maple coin can be assured of a market reflective price when selling to Auronum. Our premiums are benchmarked weekly to ensure maximum competitiveness

The Silver Maple Leaf coin has always been issued in 999.9 Silver 1 ounce with the single exception of a proof 10 ounce issue that was struck in 1998 to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf coin series. The high premium of the coin led to around half of the range being melted down. Otherwise, this Silver Canadian bullion coin is a popular issue throughout the world and trades at a low premium over its scrap value

Canada's Silver Coin

Selling Maples

The Silver Maple is a common bullion coin in the UK market. It trades at a slight premium to its intrinsic value and is often traded in tubes of 25 coins 

Although not Capital Gains Tax excempt in the UK, the Maple has the advantage of being struck with a new technology which reduces the incidence of milk spotting on the coin’s surfaces

silver maple coins

Instant Liquidity

Auronum is a buyer of Silver Maples in any size, allowing sellers from small to large a buyer when the time comes to sell

Silver and gold maple leaf coins

Buyer of all Maple Coins

Auronum is a buyer of all Maple coins, whether the alloy is Silver, Gold or Platinum. Our rates are displayed throughout our website

silver maple leafs

Selling Silver

Silver has a much larger selection of products than Gold or Platinum. Whilst we specialise in LBMA approved items, we purchase all kinds of bullion

selling silver coins

Selling Silver Maples

Silver Krugerrands

Silver Libertad Mexican coin

Silver Libertad Coins

Silver Philharmonic Coin

Silver Philharmonic


Silver US Eagle Coins


Silver Britannia Coins

Silver Royal Arms Coin

Silver Royal Arms


Silver Maple Coins

Silver Buffalo 1oz coin

Silver Buffalo Coins


All Other Coins


Why Sell to Auronum ?

Tudor Lion Beasts coins

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Auronum is a buyer of a wide range of bullion products. Auronum is proud of our selling rates which is why they are displayed throughout our website at all times

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