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100g Silver Bullion

Sell 100g Silver Bars


Trading Desk Contact:

0800 975 1012

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday


The Silver 100g bullion bar is a central part of a precious metal portfolio. Larger capitalized investors often gravitate to the larger 1kg bars but the 100g Silver bars have their own advantage because they are easier to sell and have the advantage that their lower value allows investors to sell 100g Silver bars as a smaller fraction of their overall stack when needing to raise funds

Auronum offers live rates for investors to sell 100g Silver bars above spot prices, our indicative prices that are seen on screen are updated every 60-seconds whilst the Silver market is open and therefore show what a 100g Silver bar is worth today. Investors that would like to sell 100g Silver bars can lock their price by contacting our Trade Desk

Our live rates for selling 100g Silver bars are for all brands of .999 fine silver bars, whether these be cast bars or minted. There are no penalties for investors that are selling in bulk, the same rate will be applied for each 100g bullion bar that is sold to Auronum

The criteria required to guarantee the rates on screen when selling a 100g Silver bar is that the bar is a minimum of .999 fine Silver and has a mass of 100g. Our team test each individual bar that is sold to us to ensure its authenticity.

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