Silver 100 Ounce

Silver 100oz Bullion Bars


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F or some Silver investors size is important with bigger being considered as better. The 100oz Silver bars are excellent choices for longer-term Silver positions and awards the holder with a significant exposure to the Silver market. Buying Silver 100oz bars ensures that investors get the largest size for their money as large bars can be purchased at a lower premium per ounce compared to smaller bars such as the Silver 100g bar which is considered as a low vale and moderate premium bar

The Silver 100oz bar is popular for its impressive size which looks fantastic in hand as well as being impressive when combined with other bars of a similar size. The main disadvantage to the 100oz bar is that at the higher price point there are fewer buyers. The majority of Silver investors do not own bars above 1kg in size. The 100oz bar is over double this weight and will price some buyers out of the market

Despite this size of bar being seen less frequently than smaller sizes, most of the leading refineries produce 100oz Silver bars for retail investors. All silver sold by Auronum is guaranteed genuine and will be minted by a London Bullion Market Association approved refiner, giving buyers complete peace of mind that their Silver investment is exactly as expected