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T he Silver 500g bullion bar is a highly sought after investment in the UK. It gains its popularity from its moderate price point and size, making it an excellent choice for even the higher capitalised Silver investors. Whilst the 1kg Silver bars are arguably the most popular amongst Silver stackers, the 500g bars are convenient and allow the investor to increase their Silver exposure with a fair amount of weight

Silver 500g bars are typically cast bars and do not have the minted highly polished strikes which are seen on lower weighted bars. The bar that you will receive will be from a London Bullion Market Association approved refinery and will be guaranteed genuine fine Silver

500g Silver bars have the advantage of being increased flexible when compared to larger Silver bullion bars. If the investor needs to liquidate some of their position, they can sell a 500g Silver bar to raise cash without reducing the weight of their stack excessively. Moreover, Auornum offers live rates to sell Silver bars which allow investors peace of mind that there will always be a buyer of their bars above spot price

The price of a 500g Silver bar's flexibility is the slightly higher premiums of this size of bar, however, as a longer-term investment most Silver investors feel that the slightly higher premium of a 500g bar is insignificant and worth paying to secure a decent sized bullion bar