250 gram Silver

Silver 250g Bars


S ilver bullion investors typically select a range of Silver bar weights as different sized bars have their own advantages and disadvantages. The 250g Silver bar is considered the larger of the smaller sized bars. The 250g bar is a very liquid asset, its lower value making it very easy to sell. The premium is not be as high as smaller bars which makes the 250g bar good value for stackers

The 250g Silver bar offers investors greater flexibility than the larger 1kg bars as investors have more flexibility on how much Silver to sell when taking profits or raising funds. The prices on screen show what a 250g Silver bar is worth based on current market prices. The 250g Silver bar contains 8.8 ounces of Silver, making this bar just under the 10 ounce bullion piece

Investors looking to sell Silver 250g bars can use the onscreen prices as an indication of what their bars are worth. Prices can be locked by contacting the Auronum Trade Desk. Auronum frequently receives a wide range of Silver bullion in stock directly from refinaries and the secondary market. The bars can either be minted or a cast finish. Auronum does not charge a premium for either type of bar