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Silver Tombstone Nuggets

Scottsdale Tombstone Nuggets

Scottsdale Mint's Silver Tombstone Nuggets provide Silver stackers something completely different to collect. The Silver nuggets are hammered to product a beautifully finished surface to give a honeycomb look and feel. Each Silver nugget is .999 fine Silver and no two are exactly the same


Tombstone Nuggets derive their name from the town 'Tombstone' in Arizona. A prospector in 1877 went to the area to explore for valuable minerals despite local soldiers warning not to go due to hostile Apache Indian tribe. The soldiers allegedly warned the explorer "the only stone you will find out there will be your tombstone". The explorer found Silver and coined the first Silver mine "Tombstone" after the warning from the soldiers. Each nugget is crafted with Silver from the Scottsdale Mint Foundry three hours north of Tombstone


Call to sell Silver Tombstone Nuggets:

0800 975 1012

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday


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