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Silver Bullion Coins

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P rior to the Gold standard, the world functioned on a Silver standard in which Silver coins were the choice medium of exchange for trade. Silver was scarce and valuable, making it the perfect store of value. Silver was superseded by Gold as a currency but retained its status as a precious metal and hedge against inflation

Despite technological advances in the modern economy, Silver has remained a valuable asset class and hedge against currency debasement. Holding Silver coins has proven itself as an investment that has stood the test of time whilst being excellent means pass wealth from one generation to the next

Silver coins have a higher premium over Silver bars but investors will agree the premium is justified for the beautiful designs available. Auronum offers a wide range of Silver bullion coins which are categorised in the section below, these coins are of the highest quality and are available for purchase at competitive premiums for UK investors

The Silver bullion range features coins from the world over, featuring the Britannia, Krugerrand, US Eagle, Maple leaf, Royal Arms and many other Silver coins that are seen in the physical bullion market. All coins featured are covered by our buyback guarantee, with live rates available on our main Silver coin selling page

Silver Britannia

The Silver Britannia coin is the flagship Silver bullion coin from the Royal Mint

Silver Britannia Coins

Silver Maples

The Silver Maple coin is an iconic Silver coin struck by the Royal Canadian mint

Silver Maple Leaf

Silver Krugerrand

First struck in 2017, the Silver Krugerrand has become a very popular Silver coin

Silver Krugerrands

Silver Royal Arms

Another Silver bullion coin by the Royal Mint. A coin with limited annual mintages

Silver Royal Arms

Silver Eagles

The official Silver bullion coin of the USA, the iconic Silver Eagle

Silver Eagles

Silver Kangaroo

A very popular coin struck by Australia's Perth Mint, the Silver Kangaroo coin

Silver Kangaroos

Silver Thalers

A historic large Silver coin with origins in Eastern Europe, often seen as a restike

Silver Thalers

Silver 2oz Coins

A wide range of 2oz Silver bullion coins featuring popular stacker rounds

2oz Silver Coins

Silver 10oz Coins

Some famous Silver bullion coins series but in a much larger 10oz denomination

10oz Silver Coins

Silver Kookaburra

Another Perth Mint series, the Kookaburra sees a different design each year

Silver Kookaburra

Silver Pandas

The popular Chinese Silver Panda coins are a rarer find than other bullion coins

Silver Panda Coins

Silver Koalas

Another Silver bullion series produced annually by Australia's Perth Mint

Silver Koala Coins

Silver Libertads

The popular Libertad coins from Mexico, struck in bullion, proof and reverse proof

Silver Libertads


A bullion coin minted by the Austrian Mint that was first released in 2008

Coming Soon

Silver Tudor Beast

A collection of ten designs struck in a mix of bullion and proof finishes

Silver Tudor Beasts

Silver Tombstone Nuggets

Iconic Silver Tombstone Nuggets from Scottsdale Mint

Silver Nuggets


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